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I am a mother of three grown sons and a retired nurse. I am a born again Christian, a child of the King and I love the Lord our God with all my heart and soul. I love to write about Him and things pertaining to Him and His words. This is where my true passion lies.

It is through the help of the Lord that I am finding out about who I am and all my potentials are coming alive.

I had recently gone back to school, and it was there during a English class I  discovered a love and passion for writing. This discovery blew my mind because I have never had an interest in writing before. Writing challenges me to dig deep and put my feelings and thoughts together to express who I am. I am grateful to find this site to give me an opportunity to develop more as a writer.

I also write on Redgage, it offers me the opportunity to write original content as well as link to my article on Hubpage . So come on over and check us out, you too can expand your territory and write for Redgage.


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    Journey from Egypt to the Promise Land

    4 years ago

    The Land of Promise Our inheritance has been promised to us from God and just as He promised Moses to deliver his people from Egypt and take them into a land that was flowing with milk and honey, the same is true for...

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    Jessica Cox -Great Example of Courage

    4 years ago

    Who is Jessica Cox, you might ask? Jessica is a 26 year old young lady who was born without arms due to a rare congenital disease, and despite her adversity she was able to triumph. As a child she was aware of...

  • 2

    The Many Husbands of Erica Kane

    4 years ago

    Erica Kane is a fictional character played by Susan Lucci on the soap opera “All My Children.” This soap opera has been on the air since 1970 and Erica is the only original cast member that has stood the...

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    Sexy Men of Pine Valley

    4 years ago

    These men that I’ll be referring to is on the daytime soap opera called “All My Children,” it was first premier on ABC network back in January of 1970, the storyline focuses on the residents of Pine...

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    How to wear leggings attractively

    4 years ago

    They are back! I thought leggings had gone out of style permanently, but what do I know? because they are back. Leggings have made their way back into the fashion world and are going strong. I went to the store the...

  • 20

    Greatest Female Gospel Artists of Our Time

    4 years ago

    I listen to music today and wonder at some of the things people sing about and the words or language they use, how different they are today than years past. Majority of gospel artist today is entertainers they are in it...

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    I Just Want To Thank You Lord!

    4 years ago

    This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. I just want to take this time and rejoice in God's goodness towards me and to thank him from the bottom of my heart for his goodness and...

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    The Cleansing Blood of Jesus

    4 years ago

    A hub was written by my fellow Huber revmjm on Psalms 91, and it was beautifully written, but I want to dive more into Psalms 91 and tell you more about how we get to abide under the shadow of the Almighty. We only can...

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    A Tribute to our American Heroes

    4 years ago

    I would like to take this opportunity to personally Honor our military men, women, and families of the United States Armed services all over the world.  Many of these men and women who have fought vigorously to...

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    Tips on having an intimate wedding

    4 years ago

    This means that the couple who’s about to tie the knot is gearing towards a small wedding.  A wedding is a ceremony, in which two people are united in marriage, two hearts coming together as one in the...

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    Striving for more of God's Blessings

    4 years ago

    It is God’s good pleasure to bless His children. God is always blessings us, we seek God for His blessings; God blesses us even when we are undeserving of it, what about us blessing God? God is more than...

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    How to walk in your Destiny

    4 years ago

    What is destiny? According to the dictionary destiny is a sequence of events that is inevitable and unchangeable. My definition of destiny is something that was preordained for you from before the foundation of...

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    Going higher in God

    4 years ago

    What does it mean to experience God? Experiencing God is an act of knowledge; to know, to live through, and to have first hand knowledge of situation, emotions, or sensation. How do you experience God? God...

  • 12

    Dare to be a Daniel

    4 years ago

    What does this mean? Being a Daniel is being a man or woman of God, having great unwavering faith, having the desire, obedience, and commitment to do things God’s way. It’s having a reverence, respect,...

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    Tips on the best fruits to eat in Jamaica

    4 years ago

    The fruits in Jamaica are exotic, exquisite, exciting, and sugary sweet. You cannot have an island experience and not taste of these fruits, they are apart of the many pleasures of the island. Many fruits are available...

  • 15

    Men Needs To Be Appreciated

    4 years ago

    We as women usually focus on ourselves and things pertaining to women in order to help us grow and the men are generally left out of our focus, except when they do something wrong we will grab a hold of it and give him...

  • 6

    Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes

    4 years ago

    A person lives with them self daily but do not truly know they really are, and therefore they operate under a false delusion of themselves. Can you accurately tell me who you are through your eyes? This is a very...

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